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Rebl Chef - Planty Cauliflower Wings

A delicious vegan snacks that makes you feel healthy? Nailed it! We took fresh cauliflower and gave it wings. That’s what we call (cauli)flowerpower! Very easy to prepare in oven, fryer and air-fryer. And as a bonus: it is gluten free as well. That’s why we say: Keep on snackin’ in the green world!





Cauliflower 65% (eu), canola oil, water, breadcrumbs (rice flour, ground chickpeas, salt, dextrose), corn starch, iodized salt, smoked paprika (paprika powder, smoke), cayenne pepper, thickener (xanthan gum)

Nutritional Value

Nutritional values                      Per 100 GR

Energy                                         660 KiloJoule

Energy                                         160 Kilocalories

Fat                                               11 grams

Of which saturated fat                   0.7 grams

carbohydrates                               12 grams

of which sugars                             1.5 grams

Fiber                                             1.9 grams

Protein.                                        2.5 grams

Salty                                            0.9 grams

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the products made of?

100% vegetable, no animal ingredients whatsoever. We use as few ingredients as possible that contain allergens. Like this we avoid the use of egg, lactose and fish. All our products contains no more than 7 ingredirents. You can view the detailed information about each product in the description above.

Can I purchase the product online?

You can purhcase our products from the retail stores all around the Netherlands and even some locations in Belgium. To find the nearest store please refer to the "Where To Find Us" page and start your planty adventures!

Where do you grow your products?

We only use European soy to have a negative impact on our planet prevent. We always source other ingredients within the European national borders to keep our food print as low as possible