Our Mission

At Rebl Chef we show with our products that vegetable products can also be super exciting, adventurous, tasty and always surprising. Rebl Chef is realistic. We set goals that we want to achieve, such as making a positive contribution to our food system. 

We can only do that if we make tasty products that consumers will embrace and which will be applied to a large extent in their daily diet. Plant-based food has a dull image among the mainstream target group and that is unjustified! Plant-based food can also be your moment of enjoyment. Your cheat moment because you want to spoil yourself. Rebl Chef is a supplier of your vegetable moments of enjoyment.

Plant-based ingredients are central to Rebl Chef, that's a fact. But did you know that we don't just use plants in our Rebl Chef products? The Rebl Chef mindset is also plant-based and planet-based. In everything we do, we don't lose sight of our beautiful planet. We call that planet-worthy! We don't do this by telling a nice corporate story that does not lead to action. No, we do this by making a positive contribution directly. Apart from the vegetable products we sell, which of course also make a positive contribution to reducing animal consumption and increasing vegetable consumption, Rebl Chef is committed to a plant-worthy planet in many other ways. Rebl Chef is always looking for fun ways to make a positive impact.